The Timex Sinclair 2068: what can you do with it?

Publisher: Wiley
Author(s): Roger Valentine
Date: 1983

This simple, step-by-step guide makes programming your Timex Sinclair 2068 easy! It contains 50 ready-to-use programs– instructional, enjoyable, and useful programs that let you get the most out of all the graphics, sound, and color capabilities this affordable, portable computer has to offer.

You don’t need any previous computer experience to get these programs running! The book’s self-paced format teaches by example, with full program listings and explanatory notes. Roger Valentine begins by introducing the TS 2068’s character set, color, sound, and timing functions. He then reveals a world of game programs and subroutines for two- and three-dimensional moving graphics, intellectual puzzles, computer music, and space and other arcade games.

After you’ve had some fun, you can move on to more sophisticated applications – data files, computation, even word processing, and sales records and invoices… plus a section of accessible machine code routines you can use to write your own programs. Program notes help you see and understand the structure and techniques used in each program as you key it in.


  • 1 – Five Easy Pieces
    Simple starters
  • 2 – Play It, Sam
    Computer games
  • 3 – Not Just Your Plaything
    Serious applications
  • 4 – Down Memory Lane
    Investigating the Timex Sinclair memory map
  • 5 – The Very Pulse of the Machine
    Machine Code routines
  • 6 – Interlude
    Totally silly programs
  • 7 – A Matter of Routine
    Useful subroutines
  • 8 – Art for Art’s Sake
    Music and graphics
  • 9 – Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree
    Old favorites
  • 10 – Play It Again Sam
    More games
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