Norris Radio & Electronics

144 Terry Dr., Slidell, LA 70458
Owner(s): Tracy Norris


ZX81 TS 1000 TS 1500 TS 2068


  • New Products and Services (Syntax v3 n12)
    New products from Matthew Zenkar, G. Russell Electronics, MicroSync Services, Stephen Adams, E. Alvarez, Norris Electronics, Gladstone, Kopak, M.C. Hoffman, Stuart Software, Dale Lipinksi, TSG Enterprises, QZX Newsletter, Intercomputer, Lamo-Lem, JACYN Electronics.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v3 n9)
    New products from f/22 Press, NIM Electronics, Stuart Software, Norris Electronics, G. Russell Electronics, Lyon Ware, Fulcrum Products, Martin Irons.
  • Norris Electronics Back in Slidell
    We reported incorrectly that Norris Electronics moved to Metairie, LA (Apr.83).
  • Vendor Report
    Updates from/about Proprietary International, Norris Electronics, SMUG, Gladstone Electronics.
  • Vendor Report
    Updates from Sinclair Midwest Users Group re SMUG software; Norris Electronics; Aerco backlog; Gladstone shipping current stock; M-Coder does not work as advertised.
  • Vendor Report and Notes
    Norris Electronics is out of business; Byte-Back memory units might not work with TS2040 printer. Frog Software is distributing May-June issue of Sinclair Computing.



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