ISTUG Public Domain Library 7

Date: 198x
Type: Cassette
Platform(s): TS 2068


Fly to one of ten destinations.
DEATH RACE from Games for Your Timex-Sinclair 2000, p.63.
World shattering Z80 machine code effect routine. Each time the code is called the screen shakes once, so a single call gives a ‘hit by a missile’ effect, and multiple calls give an earthquake.
Experiments with OVER.
Generates random poetry in a specific pattern.
High-resolution drawing program.
Animal guessing game with only 4 creatures.
Draws patterns.
Draws a peace symbol from the 1980s.
Finish the pipeline by laying the last pipe in the upper right corner or by forcing the opponent off the board.
Pixel Sketch and Graphic Editor v 2.0.
Print a string starting at pixel position.
Places a planet, or the sun,or the moon among the zodiacal constellations for any date.
Demonstration of plotting.
Generates random poetry in a specific pattern.
Draw Poker from “51 Game Programs For Timex Sinclair 1000 and 1500โ€ (p.153-169) by Tim Hartnell.
Diagonals of a polygon.
Guesses letter user has in mind.
Allows the user to generate question and answer cards.
Pick the runner to win.
Computer version of a piano.


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