Updates for Model 2000 Micro Drive

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The Microwafer used in this Model 2000 Micro Drive is the Version II type wafer. When ordering additional microwafers, please use the following part numbers for the wafers of your choice:

  • 10′ (10K) 900001
  • 20′ (24K) 900002
  • 35′ (45K) 900003
  • 50′ (66K) 900004
  • 62′ (81K) 900005

The amount of data storage per microwafer will vary with tape drive speed and number of files.

Microwafer Write-protection

The version II microwafer has two different versions of write-protection. In one version of the microwafer, a tab on the Lefthand edge of the wafer (very similar to a cassette) should be broken off to write-protect the wafer. To again be able to write to that microwafer (write-enable), you should use very thin tape and tape over the edge were the tab was broken off. In the second version of the microwafer, a Red switch is built into the Left corner of the microwafer. Pushing in the Switch from the Lefthand edge of the wafer will cause the switch to slide into and towards the bottom of the wafer. Once pushed in, the microwafer is write-protected. To write-enable the microwafer, push the Red switch from the bottom of the wafer towards the Lefthand edge. You should hear the switch click into place.

The Microdrive

The microdrive has recently changed. We have changed the drive by replacing the large molded plastic case with a smaller extruded aluminum case. The electronics in the two boxes is very similar except the newer drive has only one indicator light. The light comes on whenever the motor of the drive turns on.

Updates for Model 2000 Micro Drive


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