BAZUG Newsletter v2 n1

Date: January 1983
Volume: 2
Issue: 1


  • VU-CALC(S) by Psion
    The spreadsheet type programs (Visi-calc and its clones) are one of the most popular utilities for microcomputers for business and home financial use.
  • Word Processing on the ZX81?
    Author recommends Word Juggler, a program in Randle Hurley’s The Sinclair ZX81: Programming for Real Applications.
  • Easy Save/Auto-Run
    Method for auto-run programs on the ZX81/TS1000.
  • It's Almost Here
    Announcement that Sam Barron, Timex district sales manager for northern California, would be at the January 20, 1983 meeting of the Bay Area ZX80/81 Users Group to answer questions, potentially demonstrate TS2000.
  • Comments on SQ (Syntax Quarterly)
    Review of the first issuel
  • Grimm's Fairy Trails
    Review of the game.


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