Sinc-Link v3 n3

Date: May/June 1985
Volume: 3
Issue: 3


  • Syncbits
    Notes about Spectrum ROM, mass storage options, Koala pad from Zebra, Artworkx. For the TS1000, Tom Bent’s corrected ROM, Sinc-Artist.
  • ZX81 Hardware & Software News
    Updates on word processing, printing to full size printers, John Oliger video upgrade, hardware, software suppliers. Tips for programming in BASIC.
  • RGB Monitor (for 2068)
    Instructions for connecting RGB monitor with DIN (round) connector. Transistor sync separator circuit.
  • Keyboard Problems
    Describes problems encountered when wiring a keyboard in parallel to the existing keyboard. Shortening the cable run helped; replacing original keyboard with new was ultimate solution.
  • Cursor Joystick (for the ZX81 & 2068)
    Describes how to wire a joystick port for use with a Spectrum ROM.
  • 2068 Keyboard Notes
    Using IN to read the 2068 keyboard; table of ports and values provided.
  • 2068 Keyboard Notes
    Description of how the TS 2068 reads the keyboard and port addresses involved.
  • More Keyboard Notes
    Where to purchase surplus keyboards for conversion to the TS 1000.
  • 2068 Peculiarities
    Machine code run in the function dispatcher area (6200h) runs slower than code in other areas (A000h, for instance). Demonstration program.


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