SyncWare News v2 n4

Date: March/April 1985
Volume: 2
Issue: 4


  • Plane Frame
    Plane Frame is a mechanical and structural engineering program.
  • Basil's Compendium: LET A= ...
    This installment will teach you how to enter an actual program in machine code.
  • Tyd-Bits
    Poking MODE; Help for Tasword.
  • TS1000 Banner
    This program actually comes as an addendum and application to the LPRINT Hints given in Vol. 1.
  • FAT M-Script
    Use this listing in place of the Basic loader supplied with M-Script. It gives a backup capability and will provide larger letters that help improve readability.
  • Forum: Spectrum Compatibility
    Add pull-up resistors to ROM, consistent with Spectrum design.
  • 2068 Art
    This short program will have you staring at your screen for hours.
  • Clear That Screen!
    The purpose of this article is to present some alternatives to this command, and in this process maybe show some ways of handling your display file.
  • Make Your Own 2068 & TS1000 EPROM Progammer
    Here is a project that will let you “burn” (program) EPROMS using your computer. It will handle either the 2764 type (8K bytes) or the 27128 (16K) EPROMs.
  • For Your Support
    Product announcements from English Micro Connection, TEJ Computer Products, Macshak Software, Delphic Enterprises, Pleasantrees Programming, Communications Systems Center, Toronto Software World, T Dailey, People’s Software Supply, S. J. Wyatt and John Oliger.
  • How Fast is Fast Enough?
    Todays word is SPEED. Regardless of which machine you own, you can speed up your SAVE and LOAD times in several different ways. The most economical is the tape based fastload, of which there are several programs out for the 1000. The 2068 has a speed limitation due to design considerations, although it does load
  • 2068 Word Images
    One particularly strong fascination the computer holds over me is its almost magical ability to conjure up powerful images in my mind. You can use the computer to illustrate this phenomenon by programming it to choose and print words on the TV screen. By consciously thinking about the images your mind creates in response you’ll
  • Stringy Floppy
  • Floppy Disk


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