SyncWare News v3 n3

SyncWare News v3 n3
Date: January/February 1986
Volume: 3
Issue: 3


  • PET ASCII Output Program for the Timex/Sinclair ZX81
    This article describes a project which may be useful for anyone desiring to use software for the ZX81, TS1000 or TS1500 on a different computer. The program version presented here is designed to convert Sinclair BASIC programs into ASCII text which can be sent from the Sinclair computer to the serial port of a Commodore
  • Midwest TS Computerfest
    Announcement about event scheduled for May 3 and 4, 1986.
  • QL Submissions Invited
    Request for articles for QL Review.
  • New Updates
    Computer Updates appears from the shadow of Pro/File Updates. 12 page quarterly includes updates to all software from Tom Woods.
  • For Your Support
    Products from Allan Wolach, C. W. Associates, Chia-Chi Chao, Don Dailey, Ed Grey, Fred Nachbaur, G. Russell Electronics, Newpower Inc., Paul Bingham, Robert Fischer, SAF User Group, Samson Okoloko, Steve Wyatt, Time Designs and Tom Woods.
  • Forum
    Letters from Alex Burr about the Timex Sinclair Amateur Radio User Group, Bob Howard re battery powered daisy wheel printers and Richard Norek about illegitimate line numbers.
  • Off the Wall
    Fred Nachbaur responds to criticisms about the magazine’s prior contest in “song” form, parodying Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing.
  • Tri-Base Arithmetic
    Turns your TS 1000 into a multi-base arithmetic calculator and number converter.
  • 2068 Lotto
    Program to pick Lotto numbers.
  • 2068 Review: Checkrec & Inventory
    Review of “Checkrec 2000” and “Household Inventory 2000“, two programs written in BASIC, in spreadsheet format. Programs available from WMJ Data Systems.
  • GET: A String Input Routine
    Machine-language routine to format numbers on entry.
  • One Chip Mods: Recycle that 16K RAM pack
    Instructions on how to alter a standard 16K RAM pack to work as 2 8K banks in the 8-16K region of the TS 1000.
  • Basil's Compendium: A Few No-Nos
    Recaps utility routines described in prior articles and why machine code containing the values 118, 126 and 11 may be problematic.
  • HOT Z/Zeus Comparison
    Comparison between the two machine-language utility programs.
  • Dice 1000
    Program to “roll” graphic dice.
  • 2068 Screen Copy
    Printer driver based on 117-byte routine derived from Tom Wood’s Pro/File 2068.
  • TS1500 Is More Than Meets the Eye
    Demonstration program from Greg Harder how the TS1500 is improved over the 1000, allowing for software-only high-resolution graphics.


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