SyncWare News v3 n4

Date: March/April 1986
Volume: 3
Issue: 4


  • A New Thrust
    Sinclair’s new venture is high performance aircraft. Note the issue date.
  • Timex 6820 Computer
    Timex announces their return with a 68020 computer, running Timex Unix (TUNIX) and other operating systems. Note the issue date.
  • For Your Support
    Hardware and software announcements from many vendors.
    Letters from readers. Tom Saine has questions about running Chess with his TS 1500 and AERCO disk drives. Computerfest updates. Charles Sullivan asks about converting a ZX80 to a ZX81. Wayne Kay gives advice on power line protection. Warren Fricke expresses concern about addition of QL coverage. Barry Malpas gives info about CAN, a newsletter
  • BASIC Bank Switching
    Short recap of ways to add RAM to the TS 2068 and switch it in/out.
  • ZX81 & QL Regulator Bug
    Suggested solutions to power regulation problems in the ZX81/TS1000 and QL: add capacitors.
  • 2068 Buggy Software
    It isn’t considered normal when ะฐ magazine like SyncWare gives you ะฐ program that’s riddled with bugs. But then, we never promised you a normal magazine. Since this is our special April Fool’s issue, we thought we’d introduce you to SyncWare’s in house bug. Actually he’s a worm–a friendly little fellow–who took up residence in
  • 2068 Tower of Brahma
    Variation of Tower of Hanoi for the TS 2068.
  • 1000 Auto Analysis
    Program to analyze, diagnose and recommend solutions for engine problems.
  • Upgrading Mterm
    Add printer output routine to Mterm that supports the Gemini 10X and 80 column printing.
  • Part 2: Retain Buffers & Macros
    Patching Mterm to allow it to remember buffers and macros.
  • The Fame & The Glory
    And now, here are a few more words about the last contest. First, we would like to thank all of the contributors who donated prizes for this contest. I’m sure that all of you will agree that this is indeed a formidable list of prizes for a TS based contest and we would like to
  • TS1500 HI-RES
    Software-only high resolution routines for the TS 1500.
  • Send a 2068 Message
    Describes how to use ROM calls and machine language to print built-in error messages.


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