SyncWare News v3 n5

Date: May/June 1986
Volume: 3
Issue: 5


  • For Your Support
    Product announcements from G. Russell Electronics, Byte-Back, Variety Sales, Chia-Chi Chao, Larken Electronics, Sams, Fred Nachbaur, Lemke Software Development and E. Arthur Brown.
  • Editorial: Sinclair-Amstrad Deal; SyncWare Grows; Journal Goes
    Sinclair Research sold rights for Spectrum computers to Amstrad. Jeff Moore becomes editor. SyncWare Journal in construction.
  • Q & A
    Byte-Back UM-64; One Chip Mods; “Delete” machine code.
  • Forum
    Although it was not out intention to cause either mass hysteria or high anxiety, last issue’s front page seemed to cause both. I never got so much mail in my life! Would you believe 18 inches deep? If I haven’t responded quickly to your letters recently, please understand why.
  • TS1000 Review: Stock Plot
    If the terms “Dow Jones Industrial Average”, “Price Earnings Ratio”, “shares”, “Current Dollar Profit”, and “Portfolio” mean anything special to you, buying this program might just be the kind of “investment” you’d like to look into.
  • 2068 PC Board Aid
    This program is designed as an aid in laying out a PC board for the Sinclair computers. The 2040 listing will give the correct 0.1″ spacing for the edge connector.
  • TS1500 Video Topics
    How would you like reverse video on your TV screen when using your TS1500? Not only is it possible, but it’s also ridiculously simple. All it involves is installing an SPST switch, and soldering two wires. Yes, you can use the TS1500 with John Oliger’s TMS9918A video upgrade. The required modification to the computer’s NMI
  • 1000 2K Text Writer
    This program was written on a 2K TS1000 and will handle a full screen of text. It gives you a full screen editor that will handle about 20 words per minute. You can print the screen to the printer by Lprinting, and Stop will bring you to a halt at line 410.
  • Custom Keyboard Tip
    Did you hook up one of those TI keyboards to your ZX81/TS1000? Don’t you wish it had all the Sinclair legends on the keys? Well, if you can find an old membrane keyboard (remember those?) you can cut it up and paste the legends onto the keys with silicone glue.
  • Upgrading VU-Calc 1000
    VU-CALC for the ZX81/TS1000-1500 is a good program, but it has some limitations. Fortunately, modifications can easily be made which overcome these three limitations.
  • Bug Alert
    Corrections articles in SWN v3n3: “GET”, “ONE-CHIP MODS,” and DICE 1000.
  • Sorting Through The TS2068 Sorts
    This article compares the sorting speed of three routines on randomized, inverted and ordered data.
  • TS1000 Visible Sort
    This listing is a great way to get a handle on how sorting routines actually sort. Since the program has been designed to be friendly, it guarantees that the code is difficult to follow.
  • Location for Machine Code
    When you turn on your TS2068 computer, POKE 23730, 255 and ENTER. Then press NEW and ENTER. This will put RAMTOP at address 65535 which is as high as possible.
  • VU-3D and the Tasman I/F
    With some simple modifications you can get full size printer copies from the popular TS2068 ” VU-3D” program, using the TASMAN parallel printer interface.
  • Mandelplot: Mathematical Printer Art
    The purpose for writing this article is to show you how easily you can get beautiful math-art creations using a minimum of hardware. The program presented is for the ZX81/TS1000 or TS1500, but can readily be extended to virtually any computer ever built.
  • Static RAM on Cartridge
    One area which peaked my interest is the idea of adding more memory. I was excited about the idea of going beyond that 72 K boundry. I was not quite ready to take a jump an add a full 64 K, but a leap to 16 K, maybe. I had one of John Oliger’s User
  • Build a 2068 Cartridge Board
    In SWN 2/4 and 2/5, I discussed the construction of an eprom programmer for the 2068 and 1000. Those of you with 2068s should find interest in a way to utilize programs that are burned onto those eproms. The cartridge reader board will give you a way to run “instant software.”
  • Are We Not Hackers?
    There has been a lot of press over the last year about “hackers,” referring to the dishonest minority of computer users who delight in crashing BBSes, breaking into data-bases, and generally wreaking havoc.
  • Poor-Man's EPROM Eraser
    Recommendations for erasing EPROMs with an ozone or germ lamp.
  • 2068 LOAD Notes
    Stan Nagrod reports the removing R11 from his computer cured his loading problems.
  • A&J Notes
    When using the A&J Microdrive “ESOS” (Exatron Stringy Operating System), there are times when you don’t want it to change your RAMTOP.
  • Fred's Soapbox
    All too often I hear comments like “Since I got my TS2068, the TS1000’s been sitting on the shelf, awaiting a trip down memory lane.”
  • Watch Out For RFI
    How to manage radio frequency interference with your computer.


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