SyncWare News v4 n3

SyncWare News v4 n3
Date: January/February 1987
Volume: 4
Issue: 3


  • T/S On Line
    TS2050 modems are still relatively easy to come by. Several manufacturers are offering modems and software of equal or better quality than the ‘offically’ supported Timex equipment. A source like Fischer and Ishiiโ€™s “THE GUIDE TO T/S TELECOMMUNICATIONS” is all you need to tie it all together.
  • For Your Support
    Product announcements from Fred Nachbaur, John Oliger Co., Grey & Clifford Computer Products, Larken Electronics, Chia-Chi Chao, Robert Fischer, Bill Bell, G. Russell Electronics, EZRA Group II, RMG Enterprises, David Hill, Paul Holmgren, GLENN Technics, John Deering.
  • Forum
    Computerfest Update; SyncWare programmers contest; who is Orrin McGill; external power; questions about color monitors; ZX81 flight trainer; what’s a MIDI; corrections to errors; TS computers in model rocketry.
  • Pat's Soapbox: Just for the Fun of It
    Why are you still wasting time with that toy? Why don’t you get a Mac, an IBM, or one of the clones? We have all heard these questions many times. Don’t you get tired of it? Of course you do, and so do I. Let me give you a few of the responses I give
  • Extensions to Pro/File Review
    There are four issues of Extensions that total 31 pages of well documented changes, additions, and instructions. These modifications can either be keyed into your computer or you can purchase the programs on tape.
  • Tyd-Byts
    Several suggestions have been made in the past to prevent the mysterious crashes in our computers. Here’s another.
  • Run Your Memotech 64K on the 2068
    Advice on adding 64K RAM units to your 2068 system in a manner which would not require additions or modifications to the RAM pack.
  • Bug Alert: One-chip NVM
    The “One-chip NVM” in SWN 4:1 shows a minor discrepancy between the schematic (Fig. 3) and the pictorials and instructions.
  • ABC-123: Educational Games for the ZX81
    The “ABC/123” program is quite long, so we are breaking it into two parts. The result of this first installment will be a self-sufficient program in its own right. It is a trainer in the recognition of the alphanumeric characters, both upper and lower case.
  • Hang-Mult 2068
    The mainframe where I work has a Hangman-style number guessing game in its library which has fascinated me. I wrote HANG-MULT to emulate the mainframe’s program on my TS-2068 and thought other SWN readers might enjoy it too.
  • Basil's Compendium: Go To/Go Sub
    This article introduces the concepts of JUMP and CALL, the machie code analogs to Basic’s GOTO and GO SUB.
  • One Chip Mods: Kempstonize Your Joystick Port
    Although the circuit described can be built on an external card perfectly well, it is somewhat unique in that it can be installed inside your TS2068, without interfering with the normal operation in any way.
  • Structured Basic Tree Programs
    Structured BASIC is BASIC which is organized so that each module or section of a program has ONE entry point and ONE exit point. The opposite of this, so-called “spaghetti” BASIC, is programming that has multiple entry and/or exit points in its modules.


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