SyncWare News v4 n4

SyncWare News v4 n4
Date: March/April 1987
Volume: 4
Issue: 4


  • SWN On Line
    SWN editors join Compuserve.
  • Computerfest Update
    Details about the 1987 T/S Computerfest, held in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Contest Deadline Nears
    The Second Annual Programmer’s Contest deadline is rapidly approaching. As of January 31, on a single entry has been submitted. Deadline extended to April 15, 1987.
  • For Your Support
    AN-TO Productions is marketing QUICKEY 2068 keyboard overlays. Overlays are available for the following programs: AccuDraw T2, Artworx v1.1, Tasword/Tasprint, Mscript (regular and V5) and Omnicalc II. There is also a key finder and a blank overlay for your own programs. Bill Bell announces the availability of an Oliger Video Version of BBDOS for the
  • Forum
    Letter from Paul Holmgren inviting Timex/Sinclair owners to attend the Second Annual Midwest Timex-Sinclair Computer Fest. Letters detailing: wish list of add ons for the TS 2068 from Pete Kelly ZXLR8 problems from John Baney questions about 64 column mode from John Pigg printing challenges from John Christensen user group request from T. G. Morley
  • TIMACHINE Review
    Review of the floating-point BASIC compiler for the TS 2068 and Spectrum.
  • Program Segmentation
    Author introduces the concept of breaking programs into smaller segments and loading the segments from disk as needed.
  • ABC-123 Part 2
    Finishes the “ABC/123” program for the TS 1000 introduced in prior issue.
  • Chroma Soft TS 1000 Review
    Review of a program that displays color by flashing at different rates.
  • 2068 Piano
    Type-in program to let you play the TS 2068 like a piano, using BEEP.
  • Another Video Primer
    Definitions of common terms used to describe video signals.
  • WINKJET1 Review
    Review of William Pedersen’s printer driver for the Olivetti PR2300 inkjet.
    Describes how to make an AROS EPROM cartridge from the original MSCRIPT tape version.
  • Best of PCW Assembler Routines
    Review of the book published by Personal Computer World. Includes machine language routines for the Z80 CPU.
  • Basilโ€™s Compendium
    Chapter discusses conditional instructions and behavior of various flags.


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