T-S Horizons n11

Date: January 1985
Issue: 11


    Part II – Text Files. How to upload and download text files. Describes how to use Mountaineer Software’s Letteriter/Bufferiter software to transmit files.
  • More Uses for Your Timex/Sinclair 1000: Astronomy on Your Computer
    This book is a collection twenty programs dealing with amateur astronomy. The programs are quite varied, ranging from the EASTR program which calculates the date of Easter Sunday for any year, to the CONST program which randomly selects a constellation for display and gives you a chance to identify it.
  • A & J Model 2000 Stringy Floppy Micro-drive
    For those of you who own the TS2068 and bought it in anticipation of the micro-drives, the wait is over. The interface just plugs on to the back of the computer as would the printer. It has a connector on the back to allow for the attaching of the 2050 printer or modem. There are
  • Masterfile
    MASTERFILE is a cute and powerful file program originally written for the Spectrum. This review covers Version 09, converted to run on the T/S 2068 without any type of “Spectrum emulator”.
  • Timex Sinclair 2068 Guidebook
    Cassette “guidebook” to publications, hardware, software and supplies for the 2068.
  • Penetrator
    Penetrator is a fast action arcade-type game written for the Timex-Sinclair 2068. The game is packaged in a neatly styled box with excellent instructions.
  • Music Library
    Music Library is a data base management program that provides a convenient format for organizing your music collection. It allows you to store three lines of information (each 32 characters wide) on 100 or more items of music.
    The Rompak cartridge can instantly load programs, such as games or utilities, into memory. The cartridge is memory mapped in the unused 8 to 16k block of memory, and it has an expansion connector out the back, so it can be used with the T/S printer or ram pack.
  • Grafist
    Review of drawing program for the 2068.
  • T-S News
    CNN reported on the Sinclair C-5. News about the Spectrum Plus, ICL QL-based One Per Desk product. Sync Artist 1.3 from Callisto Software.
  • Blippo Sound Effects Generator
    The Blippo sound effects generator is a low-cost add-on module for the ZX81 or TS1000. It connects through the computerโ€™s rear expansion port, and as all sensible peripherals, provides another expansion port at its rear.
  • Games from 'Games'
    Review of Deathchase and Frogger, available from Games to Learn By.
  • Educational Software for the TS2068
    Kids on Keys, Facemaker and Kindercomp from Spinnaker Software.
  • 2068 Word-Processor Software Evaluation, Part I
    Overview of word processing software for the 2068 and evaluation criteria.
  • Bank Switching for the TS 1000, Part 7
    Operating system for bank switching and file management system.
  • Superprinter for the TS1000
    Lower-case letters on the TS 2040 printer.
  • Experimenting With the Byte Back Modem
    How to program modem settings with the TS1000.
  • Charge Account Bargraph
    Monthly charge account monitor/bar graph designed to provide incentive to reduce balances and watch graph lines grow shorter.
  • In Touch with the World #5
    Updates on online services, communications software and publications.
  • Bits and Bytes #3
    Gladstone terminated the KRAKIT contest without a winner. Gary Gogel provided the answers, obtained from the program producers, International Publishing and Software.
  • T/S Help and Information
    Source of paper for the ZX printer; problem with ZX81 that could be bad SCL; non-working keys on a TS1000.
  • From the Cluttered Desk
    Updates on subscriptions: more than 1000 subscribers. Query about income tax programs, request for larger gutter in issues, printer hint, correction to program in prior issue.
  • Enter
    Sinclair QL and the new Spectrum Plus were featured recently at the Consumer Electronics Show. Dave Higgenbottom is still trying to secure financing and Timex is being patient. BASIC publication cancelled; all paid subscriptions would be fulfilled by another company.


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