T-S Horizons n12

Date: February/March 1985
Issue: 12


  • REM Builder for TS1000
    Seeing Mather White’s REM-expansion routine in T-S H reminded me of a REMBUILDER routine I use with my ZX81. It allows either building a REM to any desired number of characters or adding just one byte at a time.
  • Enter
    Welcome John Bell, new writer.
  • From the Cluttered Desk: Anonymous Letter
  • User Groups
    Northeast Florida T/S Users Group; Montreal Area User Club; Ocean State Timex Sinclair Group.
  • BITS and BYTES #4
    Highlights of the industry and scene at the time.
  • Special Report: Mass Storage Devices For The TS 2068
    Brief overview of A&J Microdrive, DAMCO/Rotronics Wafadrive, Millenia K Disk Interface, Aerco FD-68 Interface.
  • Special Report: Spectrum Software For The TS2068
    English Micro Connection (EMC) is a new company formed for the sole purpose of bringing quality products into the U.S. from England. Other companies are also importing Spectrum software. Knighted Computers is converting some software so it can run on the TS 2068 without coversion.
  • In Sync: Linecheck
    Linecheck generates checksums for programs, making it easier to ensure they are typed in correctly.
  • Odds, Ends, Etc. #2
    “Startext,” an on-line service offered by the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, selling unused time on their Vax. T.S. Services newsletter addresses the “CON” in the lower left of the MTERM II screen. Memotext on tape, courtesy Fred Nachbaur, is mentioned.
  • T-S News
    Product announcements and very short news items.
  • 2068 Word-Processor Software Evaluation, Part II
    Short reviews of Tasword Two, the Textwriter series, VIEWord and Letteriter/Bufferiter.
  • Full-Size Printer Patches for MTERM I Software
    Patch to enable MTERM I to print via Tasman Interface.
  • Game Scoreboard
    Short program to track game scores, up to 12 players.
  • 2068 Tutorial: Open# Close#
    Using the streams built-in to the 2068 to redirect output or accept input.
  • More Programming Tips For The T/S1000
    UnLISTable REM lines; tape unlocker; free MC storage; extra op codes for MC programmers; T/S 1000 clock.
  • Bank Switching for the TS 1000, Part 8
    This is the last instant of this series. Routines to save (and reload) bank data on tape are included in the 2K operating system. These are necessary for back-up and because the memory in most banks is volatile.
  • Winky Board 2000
    The WINKY BOARD 2000 from G. Russell Electronics is a small load filter board that plugs into your line between the 2068 (or ANY T/S computer) and your cassette player. It contains 2 LEDs, for indicating load levels, and the necessary components to clean up the line for better load levels.
  • Badgammon
    This is a very good version of the game “Backgammon” for the TS 2068. It has full color and sound: playing pieces are drawn in hi-res graphics.
  • ACZ General Ledger 2000
    ACZ GENERAL LEDGER 2,000 is designed to run on the T/S 2068 with the T/S 2040 printer. An option is provided for use of a CARDCO numeric keypad utilizing either of the T/S joystick ports. The program is designed to produce the most important financial reports required by a small business at minimum expense. A
  • 2 Books of Games: TS 1000
    Review of Crunchers: 21 Simple Games for the Timex/Sinclair 1000 and 51 Game Programs for the Timex Sinclair 1000 and 1500.


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