T-S Horizons n16

Date: November 1984
Issue: 16


  • T-S News
    Softaid (tape with popular Spectrum games); proceeds went to BandAid. Programs for ham radio operators (1000 and 2068). “Memonotes”, a publication for users of Memotext and Memocalc. Wafadrive Engineering Bulletin, put out by Damco Enterprises, contains updates for a number of programs for Wafadrive users.
  • QL Report
    Notes about the QL, comparison of the QL to Amiga and Atari ST computers. Games and books about the QL discussed.
  • Reviews for the Non-Programmer
    Review of Chroma-Soft, a program and a yellow filter for the TV screen, that generates some color through flashing. Update on Word* for the ZX81.
  • Powerful Projects with Your Timex/Sinclair [Book Review]
    Hardware interfacing projects for the 2068 and 1000.
  • Computer Interfacing Techniques in Science [Book Review]
    30 experiments for any ZX computer.
  • Partial Pascal [Review]
    Review of a Pascal editor/compiler for the 1000.
  • 2068 Software Reviews
    Reviews of BIZ (a home budget management program) and DRAW II.
  • MTERM and Spectrum
    Use MTERM with the Spectrum ROM.
  • More Notes on VU-Calc
    Modifications to overcome certain shortcomings in VU-Calc.
  • Some Notes on the Bank Switching Series
    Correction to a listing in issue 11. Another bug has surfaced in the listing provided in Issue 11.
  • Logic Families
    This article is a collection of data from various data books and specification sheets and is intended to provide a useful source of information when you need to choose what kind of IC to use for your project and what, if any, interface is required between the various families.
  • Quick-Balance
    Quick-Balance prompts for all the information it needs from the user. About all you need to know is that to exit the outstanding checks or unposted deposits reoutines, you need only to enter ‘0’.
  • The Stopper for the 16K TS1000
    Have you ever thought you’d like to a backup copy of a valued program but couldn’t break into it to save it? Or have you admired a feature of a programm and wanted to look at it to see how it’s done? Then this short (12 byte) program is for you.
  • Clover: A Graphics Program for the 2068
    Creates a variety of geometric designs.
  • In Sync: 2068 Line Renumber Routine
    Renumbering routine for the 2068.
  • Try These
    Graphics demo programs for the TS1000 and 2068.
  • News from the World of Sinclair
    Sinclair Spectrums in Egyptian classrooms; assigning pro bono attorneys in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York system, with a 64k TS1000; notes about a visit to England, where the Spectrum is very popular.
  • Alpha Strings$
    Correction to A&J article in n14; RAM chips from Jameco; adjustments to WORM program; Callisto Software’s ZX Hi-Res.
  • Enter
    QL; 128K Spectrum.


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