T-S Horizons n17

Date: February/March 1986
Issue: 17


  • T-S News
    Midwest Timex-Sinclair Computerfest coming. Byte-Back still in business. AN-TO Productions carries line of plastic keyboard overlays for the TS2068, for use with Tasword and MScript. English Micro Connection carries Spectrum games. Zebra Systems selling TS1510 cartridge doc and three cartridges. Applied Sinclair: Subroutines and Programs for the Mathematically Inclined available from Richard Booth. Hacksel Electronics
  • Oh! Pascal!
    One of the most friendly textbooks the reviewer has encountered.
  • Extended Basic For The TS1000/ZX81
    Review of Thomas Woods’ Extended Basic. It is an extension/BASIC interpreter which lives in a 3.5K long 0 REM statement. All commands are entered after an initial REM statement on a line; multiple statements can be entered with a colon.
  • DAMCO Rainbow Plus Interface; DK'Tronics Speech Synthesizer
    The Rainbow Plus is an elegant and somple alternative to other Spectrum emulators. Its both Spectrum ROM and Spectrum compatible expansion port. A switch toggles between the Timex and Spectrum ROMs. The DK’Tronics Speech Synthesizer is basically the same as used in most inexpensive speech synthesizers for home computers.
  • Lable Maker
    LableMaker is a short program to make nice looking cassette labels.
  • 3D Fractals
    Program to generate fractal landscapes.
  • In Sync: 2068 Screen-Save
    When you are writing a Basic program it is often necessary to be able to swtich between two screens of information. This program solves that problem.
  • Little Goodies for the 2068
    A collection of tips, aids, utilities from Sinc Times and Timelinez that should prove helpful in 2068 programming. Includes function reference strip for the 2068.
  • Machine Code for the Masses: Part 2
    The object of this series is to present you with machine language programs that can be used to enhance your Basic programs.
  • ZX 81 News and Resources
    Bug alert for Aerco CP-ZX ver 2.2 centronics interface. Review of JLO Video Upgrade Project (TMS9918A). Hardware User Report: JLO Video Upgrade Project Just what sort of peripheral is this video project? Let me begin with a sweeping analogy: the Video Upgrade Project is just like a video monitor, a disk interface, or a full-size
  • Enter
    Subscription rate change; upcoming Midwest TS Computerfest.
  • Guest EDITorial: From the "Save A Doorstop" Department
    Appeal to donate old computers instead of using them for doorstops.
  • The Box Trilogy
    This program will put a box outline anywhere on the screen at machine code speed. A slight modification produced a program that will doodle.


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