Time Designs Magazine v1 n6

Date: September/October 1985
Volume: 1
Issue: 6


  • Editor's Corner
  • Letters
    Tasword Two, Okimate color printer, joystick routines.
  • Bits and Pieces
    Maxwell deal to buy-out Sinclair falls through. Update on Portugal 2068 and disk drive. Further details on AERCO FD-68. BBS guide. Newsletter for Memotext/Memocalc users. Vendors cut prices.
  • Pablo Pixel-O
    Type-in high-resolution drawing program for the ZX81/TS1000. Revised version for TS 2068 included.
  • Adventures in the RAM Jungle and Other Mysteries
    Exploration of RAM organization in the ZX81/TS1000.
  • A Monitor Adapter for the T/S 1500
    Instructions on how to add composite out video to the TS 1500.
  • Zebra Graphics Tablet for 2068
    Review of the Koala Pad and adapter, plus software.
  • ZIP Basic Compiler
    Review of the program, notes issues.
  • The Bookshelf
    Review of Minute Manual for the Dot Matrix Printer.
  • 2068/Spectrum Wares
    Updates on software and hardware for the TS 2068 to allow it to use ZX Spectrum programs.
  • American Football
    Review of the ZX Spectrum game.


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