Time Designs Magazine v2 n2

Date: January/February 1986
Volume: 2
Issue: 2


  • Adventures in the RAM Jungle and Other Mysteries [Conclusion]
    Conclusion to the series about understanding RAM allocation on the TS 1000 and 1500 computers.
  • Editor's Corner
    QL news,
  • Letters
    Gorilla printer offered by DAK; how to use VU-FILE and VU-CALC with 64k; bubble sort for 1000; column reviewing Adventure programs suggested; short machine code routine for sound; joystick program.
  • 128K and Enigma
    The 128k Spectrum (code name “Derby”) has been launched in Spain, and will be available in the Spring in Britain. Essentially two computers in one: when turned on, the 128k mode is on automatically but type “SPECTRUM”, and it becomes a 48k Spectrum Plus, completely compatible with all the existing Spectrum software.
  • An American Original
    Preview of Diamond Mike from JRC Software.
  • QUICKEY 2068
    Keyboard overlays for TASWORD II, MSCRIPT and other programs.
  • Product News
    Oliger 2068 floppy disk interface available; Larken drive controller with Spectrum ROM; uncased 2050 modems; Tech Draw Jr, Spectrum Emulator cartridge, Zebra Talker from Zebra; Amdek plotter; Jack Dohany’s shareware announcement.
  • Ham Radio
    Timex/Sinclair Amateur Radio Users Group (TSARUG) organized a FIDO network node.
  • Come to the Fair
    Plans for Midwest Timex/Sinclair Computerfest, held May 3 and 4, 1986, are finalized.
  • Why the QL? Reasons Why You Should Take The Quantum Leap
    The Sinclair QL, with its compact and efficient keyboard console, its 32-bit CPU, its twin Microdrives, its excellent operating system and highly regarded SuperBASIC, its exceptional “bundled” software, its comprehensive user guide, and finally, its available hardware and software support, is a “best buy” by a considerable margin at $299.
  • Turbos
    “TURBOS” is a computer program for engine building enthusiasts. By taking an engine that has no turbo, blower, ect., and using its rated horsepower, the rpms it was rated at, and the engine’s cubic inch displacement, one can figure the cubic feet of air flow through the engine and thus calculate new horsepower.
  • ZX Color? Chroma-Soft
    Review of Russell Electronics’ “experimental software color graphics” that used software tricks to create the illusion of color.
  • The Old Shell Game
    Simulation of shell guessing game.
  • Technical Applications for T/S Computers
    Linear Programming, is the minimization or maximization of a linear form, subject to linear constraints, containing non-negative variables. Program uses the “simplex” method to do this.
  • A Mickey Mouse Solution To A Graphic Problem
    How to use the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Mouse with Zebra’s Tech Draw and the Zebra Graphic Tablet.
  • Lollipops
    Program for children.
  • AERCO Users Column
    Conversion changes for TASWORD II and PRO/FILE to make them compaible with the AERCO disc system.
    Fix to fully decode the GAMESMATE Kempston compatible joystick interface so it doesn’t conflict with other peripherals.
  • Joystick Wrap Around
    BASIC program that uses boolean logic to demonstrate horizontal and vertical wrap around.
  • Labelmaker
    Program to print cassette labels.
  • The Portuguese Connection
    Tips on using the Zebra disk drive system.
  • Machine Code Tutor
    Review of The Complete Machine Code Tutor by Malcom Evans, available from Knighted Computers.
  • OS-64
    Review of the Zebra Systems’ OS-64 cartridge.
  • Rainbow Plus Spectrum Interface
    Review of the Spectrum emulator/twister board from DAMCO.
  • Astronomer
    Review of the program from CP Software. Requires a Spectrum ROM.


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