Time Designs Magazine v2 n6

Date: September/October 1986
Volume: 2
Issue: 6


  • Comments by the Editor
    Commodore… soon to join our ranks?
  • Letters
    BBS software for 2068; redirect screen output to printer; circuit to map one key to two key closures; number of days between dates.
  • Sinclair News Network
    Sir Clive’s Confessions; NOVELSOFT Emerges as Premier TS Software House; What’s In A Name?; Product/Dealer News; User Group Update.
  • Light Show 2000
    Light Show 2000 will allow your cassette deck (or any other musical source) control your computer. LS 200 will poll the ear port of the TS2068 and decipher any pulse detected into one of four tonal groups. Depending on the note detected, a corresponding color pattern will be displayed on the screen.
  • Pixel Sketch and Graphics Editor Version 2.0
    Pixel Sketch and Graphics Editor lets you create, edit, and label original graphics and modify, merge, and analyze existing screens with electronic tools. Some of the editing functions on PS/GE are found in Apple graphics software like Mouse Paint and Dazzle Draw.
  • TIMACHINE - A BASIC Compiler
    Timachine will compile virtually all of the Sinclair BASIC commands into a much speedier program.
  • LARKEN TS1000 Disk Drive Interface
    Disk interface with built-in DOS for ZX81/TS 1000 computers. User supplied power supply and compatible disk drive.
  • ZX-CALC + R.F.R.G.
    ZX-CALC + R.F.R.G. is a complex and comprehensive spreadsheet/accounting package. R.F.R.G. is a supplement to ZX-CALC called an “accounting model” (R.F.R.G. stands for Rodriguez Financial Report Generator). The author states that it is used primarily for sole proprieterships who do not have the company’s assets tied up in land.
  • More About ... the Mystery of the Missing 253
    Part 2 of a series of articles about the extended bank switching feature of the TS2068.
  • 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe
    This variation of tic-tac-toe has three, identical playing fields. A player can win, or score points, when three of his marks are arrayed in a straight line in any direction.
  • QL Kill
    Conversion of Russian Roulette from mainframe Pascal.
  • QL Peintre
    Painting program for the QL.
  • The Future of the QL in America and Some QL Graphics Systems
    Status of the QL and how to potentially improve the commercial viability of the product; discussion of QL drawing/graphics programs.
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 4
    Math on the Z80 with addition and subtraction functions.
  • TS 1000/1500 Program Chaining, Part Three
  • Understanding and Upgrading the TS1016 RAM Pack
    This is the first of a two-part article on how dynamic rams operate, how the TS1016 works, and how to upgrade the ram pack to use the newer 5 volt 64k dynamic rams.


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