Time Designs Magazine v3 n3

Date: March/April 1987
Volume: 3
Issue: 3


  • ZX81 Data Acquisition Module
    Part two of series on building a digital-to-analog converter.
  • Programming Concepts
    Part two of tutorial on programming the ZX81/TS1000.
  • Turbo Esprit
    Review of the ZX Spectrum game.
  • The Mystery of the Missing 253: Conclusion
    Part 5 of series of articles about bank switching as originally designed in the TS 2068.
    Game based loosely on Boggle.
  • Classy Front End, Part I
    Program demonstrates printing with variable-width fonts using PLOT/DRAW.
  • For Your Sinclair
    Desktop publishing software from Lemke Software Development and Charles Stelding. Z88, Spectrum +3 announcement. Notes about Second Annual Midwest Timex Sinclair Computer Fest. PC8300, products from John Mathewson, Specterm 64, Larken disk interface, Sharp’s, more.
  • TS Communique
    Questions about MSCRIPT, monitors, interfaces for the Okimate 10/20, glitches printing to Smith-Corona TP-II.
  • Build this Super Simple Modem
    Short article and program on interfacing directly to the telephone line via the MIC jack. Program uses BEEP command to generate necessary tones.
  • Letters
    Answers to question from Vince Stimmel in previous issue from Branson Wilcox and William Andrews. Richard Hurd on machine language articles; Bob Orrfelt on debugging the 2068 ROM; Doug McRoy on printing a screen from the QL.
  • The Editor's Forum
    Letter from Jim Preston comments on Timex Sinclair Computer Fest in Indianapolis, repair options for TS owners. Tim Woods notes Jim passed away at 66.
  • TS 1000/TS 1500 Program Chaining, Conclusion
    Last article in series on loading programs in sequence.
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 7
    One of the series of introductory machine code programming articles.
  • Number Madness
    Type-in game.
  • QL Flight Simulator
    Review of the QL game from Microdeal.
  • Wind Chill Chart
    Type-in program inspired by similar program in Computer Shopper.
  • Trouble-shooting the QL
    Hints on overcoming issues with faulty QL computers.
  • QL Quill/Word Processor Tips
    Power user tips from Mike de Sosa.
  • Correction for JOS
    Corrections to bugs in previously published program.
  • QL Crater
    Short program to demonstrate graphics ability by plotting 3D function.


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