Time Designs Magazine v3 n4

Date: May/June 1987
Volume: 3
Issue: 4


  • The Editor's Forum
    Description of Tim Stoddard’s “souped-up” ZX81: 64K RAM, improved heatsink, digital aquisition module (A/D, D/A, realtime clock) as encountered at the 1987 Midwest TS Computer Fest.
  • Who Was There? What Was There? Another look at the 1987 Sinclair Extravaganza...
    Report from the 1987 Midwest Timex/Sinclair Computer Fest, held May 2nd and 3rd, 1987, in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • For Your Sinclair: New Releases
  • Midwest TS Computer Fest A Huge Success - Again!
    More than 45 dealers and user groups displayed their wares in over 6000 square feet of space; more than 700 attended.
  • CK Type
    A new “standard” for “fool-proof” typing of TS2068 program listings in magazines.
  • Sketchit-G
    Sketchit-G is an artist type of program that exploits the many capabilities of the TS2068 computer to produce graphics of all sorts on the visual screen. These displays can be copied by the TS2040 printer and/or saved on tape for future recall and merging. The Timex computer has several resident functions that can be utilized
  • Letters
    TS2068 disk drive systems; QL news from the UK; LOAD loader; QL users plea; hurrah for Novelsoft; April fooler; new car shopper.
  • For Your Sinclair: New Releases
    External keyboard for TS2068, sound booster, RGB interface and cartridge adaptor from John Mathewson. Utility tape for TS1000/ZX81/TS1500 from LST Software. PC-DRAW from MDM Enterprises. Compuserve announces GIF format. Desktop publishing program from Charles Stelding. Hardware/software to print to Commodore 1520 plotter. Archive utilties for QL.
    Updates, bug report and version report.
  • Zeus Utility
    Converts Zeus source code files into ASCII files for either Mscript or Tasword Two.
  • Beta Basic 3.0
    Extension to Sinclair Basic with 100 new or enhanced commands.
  • Programming Concepts
    ZX Tic Tac Toe
  • High-Res Blackjack for the ZX81/TS1000/TS1500
    High resolution graphics version of Blackjack using Silicon Mountain’s SCRAM Hi*Res Extended Basic and non-volatile RAM board.
  • Internal 64K RAM for the TS/ZX
    Upgrade to 64K with a 43256 static RAM chip and some memory decoding.
  • A Study In Numbers
    Tutorial on numbering systems common with computers.
  • Number Base Converter
    Program to convert between number bases.
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 8
    Unusual Z80 instructions that don’t have a common theme or set.
  • "Thread Spooling" With the Cumana QL Disk Drive Interface
  • QL Abacus/Spreadsheet "Tips", Part I
    Suggestiosn for using the program better.


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