Timex Sinclair User n3

Volume: 1
Issue: 3


  • Software Blues
    Poor software experiences; discussion of rating system in the magazine.
  • Letters
    On UK imports; overworked ZX81; reader service cards; support from South Carolina; question about RAM pack compatibility; on the 2040; pricing RAM packs; Cosmos revisited.
  • Aliens earn top marks (3D-Orbiter)
    Review of the game from Melbourne House.
  • T/S Goes To Camp
    Computing is fast becoming the latest thing in both day and overnight camps, and many camps across the country already include it among some of their activities.
  • Eat the dots ... (GULP)
    Review of the Pac-Man clone game from Mindware.
  • Deja-vu (ZX Scramble)
    Review of the game from International Publishing and Software.
  • Sleeper (Demolisher)
    Review of the game from Intercomputer.
  • Fast Aliens (Galaxia)
    Review of the game from Artic Computing.
  • Usborne books are delightful & fun
    Review of Understanding the Micro, Computer and Video Games, Computer Spacegames and Computer Battlegames.
  • Computerized Filing Cabinet
    Review of ZX-Data Finder by Thomas B. Woods.
  • More than Electronic Babysitting
    The man behind the camp program at Wesleyan College in Fort Worth, doesn’t Iike to make predictions. But one fact in the future of education Dr. Mark Wasicsko is sure of: computers.
  • Useful programming tips
    Review of The ZX81/Timex Pocket Book by Trevor Toms.
  • Glimpse of the Series 2000
    To give you a head start on the Timex Sinclair 2000-series color computer, Fred Blechman explains how to use the keyboard of its prototype, the Spectrum from Sinclair.
  • Let this software help you run your home
    Reviews and compares four programs specifically designed to help manage money; one to set home files straight (birthdays, recipes, phone numbers, and so on) and one full 16K program just for all those bonus coupons that accumulate.
  • The 2040: Efficient, Fast and Affordable
    Review of the printer.
  • Simple ways of sorting data
    How to program and comparison of sorts: bubble and shell.
  • Dice
    Simple program to roll six-sided dice.
  • Binomial Distribution
    Display shows a ball falling through a triangular matrix of pegs. When the ball hits one of the pegs, it rebounds to the left or right, entirely at random.
  • Star Gates
    Guide each ship through star gates to escape the impending super nova.
  • Squashed
    Variation on Breakout.
  • Sharp Shooter
    You are the black-hatted villain confronting a posse of lily-livered bounty hunters.
  • Kingdom
    Manage a rural realm, attempt to increase personal wealth and protect your people from flood, famine and the depredations of the ruthless local banditry.
  • Flash Card
    Program to make flash cards into a game.
  • Minotaurs
    Maze game: avoid the hungry minotaur.
  • Circuit training helps to build good characters
    Expansion to allow user-defined characters.
  • British prices fall again
    Sinclair Research in Britain maintained its reputation when, with no more than a brief press statement, announced a massive cut in the prices of the two versions of Spectrum.
  • Timex introduces the 1500
  • Also from Timex: a new printer
  • Timex responds
  • Comdex '83
  • Now in Canada
    TX Computers Canada (the official name of Timex Computers in Canada) will be launching the TS1000 in Canada this summer.
  • Microdrives for T/S Machines?
    Sinclair Research is close to announcing the launch date for the Microdrive.
  • 6 Keyboards Compared: Which is the one for you?
    Add-on keyboards are available for your T/S โ€” but which one should you buy?
  • Tips for Beginners
    Warning: using a T/S1000 can be habit-forming.
  • Hot under the Microchip
    Has your T/S1000 ever crashed? If so, chances are it was due to overheating – probabyl the most common cause.
  • Bulletins
    Updates from Hawg Wild, Silicon Valley North, Daydesign, T-S Systems, Intercomputer, Mindware, Micro Developments, DK’tronics, MicroSync, Florida Creations, Len Harmon, Filesixty, Data-assette.


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