Update April 1989

Date: April 1989


  • Updates
    Circulation level is at around 500 and building. All 50 U.S. States and all Canadian Provinces, plus three foreign Countries are represented. The breakdown of population is? 50% TS-2068, 50% Sinclair QL, 12% Cambridge Z88. About 70% use two or three of these Computers, and express their intent to continue to do so. Sinclair QL
  • Sinclair Computing
    Update Magazine has withdrawn its offer to allow SNUG to take over publishing the magazine. CATS Fest. SINCUS TS-2068 library. QL fix. TS-2068 cassette public domain library: CATS. SINC LINK. ZX-Appeal. The Plotter. BosTUG Sinclair/Timex Newsletter. QZX. SyncWare News absorbed in to Quantum Levels. Time Designs Magazine promises to get back on schedule. PIPE LINE,
  • QL Quirks
    The article on page 17, UPDATE, Jan ’89, by Oscar Sensabaugh presents a problem which has a solution. I am referring to the statement that Oscar uses TWO QL “work copies” in order to implement two printing devices, a QL and a Smith-Corona printer AND he has to make his choice of printing devices BEFORE
  • The Cambridge Z88 Computer
    A Sinclair portable from England: a first impression mini review.
  • Serial Printers, The FDD 3000, and TOS
    This article was written specifically for connecting a Brother EP-22 typewriter printer or the SMITH-CORONA DEVILLE III typewriter printer with the Messenger Module to the Zebra FDD 3000 Disk Drives. However, the article should be of help to anyone in connecting a serial printer to the TS 2068.
  • TS-2068 Data Input - a utility for: data base generation, keyboard reading, character concatenation, screen display, full editing
    This is an audacious attack upon the most famous weaknesses of the TS-2068, slow data input and poor screen editing. The result is a INPUT SECTION of programming that can be used for many purposes. Programmers have overcome the problems mentioned by developing their own independently running Machine Code in RAM.
  • Z88 to Sinclair Transfer Link
    Review of program/cable to transfer files from Z88 to/from QL.
  • A QL Index Program
    When you want to repeat something in Superbasic, the easy way is to englobe everything in a REPeat END REPeat loop, instead of GOTO. That’s what I have done to your small program.
  • The FD-68 Update
    The following list is just a few of the programs I find indispensable and which I strongly recommend you obtain. It is certainly not exhaustive, but are a few that I use almost daily.
  • The Printer Revolution
    Commentary about printer prices dropping.
  • Style Sheets, Formats and Macros
    I create a document of my letterhead with design, margins, footer, Justification and tabs the way I like them. I have both my box number and my street address, together with a dummy date and salutation.
  • QLAND_LORD: A Review
    QLAND_LORD is designed to aid in the management of real estate. It provides complete detailed record keeping for all financial transactions, prints rent receipts, provides quarterly reporting and prepares the data required for IRS Schedule E tax reporting.
  • Low Cost Voice Recognition for the TS-2068
    With a new chip recently offered for sale through Radio Shack distributors and a few other parts, a speaker-independent word recognition circuit can be easily and inexpensively built. This article will describe how to build the circuit and interface it to a TS2068 via a joystick port.
  • The Cable Column: Programming in Archive
    Archive has a built-in procedural based language. The author walks through writing a few procedures.
  • Customized Catalog Command for LKDos
    This is an alternative catalog command that can be added to your programs or to use when modifying an existing program for disk. It only prints the selected filenames in a single column without any other info such as disk name of disk parameters. It works very well with windows such as the ones in
  • Larken Directory (Track 0) Repair
    The track directory for the Larken disk system is located on track 0. This directory stores the data that is required by the system to locate and load the chosen file. On occasion the system is prone to corrupting the directory track, thus effectively causing the loss of all programs on the disk.
  • A Capslock Indicator for the QL
  • CAT Prints on Your QL
    Make hard copies of file directories
  • Break-In for CATs
    Short routine for SafeDOS to SAVE or LOAD during CATalog.
  • Names in Profile
    Patch to sort by last name, first name when the two are on separate lines in Profile.
  • TS 2068 VARS Save and Reload: TOS Disk System Version
    Modification to work with TOS.
  • QL Mail File Hints
  • A QL LList Utility
  • Bob's Notebook: Renumber before merge, Sort in Tasword
    Short utility programs: renumber before MERGE, sort lists in Tasword.


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