2716 EPROM Programmer

Platform(s): TS 1000
Date: 1983
Price: $22.95
Rarity: uncommon

This programmer was also described in SQ #s 1 and 2, so this article is recommended reading on this one, too. The programmer is memory mapped at 2000-27FFh and programs easily from Basic by simply poking the desired data to one of the epromsโ€™ locations. The programmer has its own latches onboard and does NOT use the Z80 WAIT NOT input, thus RAM refresh problems are completely avoided. In the interests of simplicity, this programmer does not include verify circuitry. A source of 25VDC is required for the 2716s programming voltage. (Vpp supply recommended) This board includes only its schematic and a Basic programming example sheet. This board may also be used directly on the TS2068 computer without any modification. (Rom decode required for T510@0/2X-41)


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