Platform(s): TS 1000
Developer: Chris Johnson
Date: 1983
Price: $49
Rarity: uncommon

Plug-in replacement ROM for Sinclair Basic. Redefines hardware and transforms it into an assembly language programming unit. ROM appears at 3000h-4000h. Offers:

  • Full-screen editor: 16 shift keys give a word processor feel to control programming.
  • Multi-file system: declare as many files as you want and they are handled by the operating system.
  • Total assembler: Full Z80 mnemonics.
  • Powerful debug: All the usual commands and more.
  • Hi-res graphics: 255 x 144 resolution under program control.

According to Chris Johnson, the developer, “We had a lot of TS1000 customers for ASZMIC, since it was mentioned in Sol Libes’ column in Byte magazine.“

The name is an abbreviation of ”Assembler for Sinclair Zx MICrocomputers“.

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