Platform(s): TS 2068
Price: $15
Rarity: uncommon

Menu-driven overlay for LarKen LKDOS. It handles file management functions and included utilities and improvements made to the BASIC drivers of many popular TS2068 programs. LogiCall reduced the number of keystrokes required for LarKen’s LKDOS. All the keys labeled by TIMEX for DOS operation worked without being preceded by RANDOMIZE USR 100 or PRINT #4. Utilities included with the package allowed files to be passed from one application to another.

Bob Swoger Demonstrating LogiCall on the TS 2068


Swoger compared LogiCall to MASS11, an integrated software package by Microsystems Engineering Corporation for the Digital Equipment Corporation’s PDP11 mini-computers. MASS11 was a menu-based interface to the PDP’s operating system.

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