Machine language word processor developed exclusively for the Timex 2068 by Micro Systems Software, Inc., the authors of MTERM II (Smart Terminal II).

It is the only popular word processor that takes advantage of the Timex 2068 64 column extended screen mode for a 64×22 text display.

Other features include full control of text width and margins, page headers, page footers, page numbering, auto-centering of text, full use of your printer’s special features from within documents, automatic word wrapping, right justify, a help page upon demand, block move, block copy and delete functions, and find and replace any text string.

MSCRIPT requires an AERCO, TASMAN (Rev. B or C) or A & J Centronics printer interface and works with all Centronics compatible 80 column printers. MSCRIPT works with any B&W or color television, B&W or color composite monitor or RGB monitor. MSCRIPT includes an 90 page userโ€™s manual, quick reference card and Program Cassette with Sample files.

Jack Dohany improved and released new versions of MSCRIPT for a number of years.

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