Speech Synthesizer (2068)

Platform(s): TS 2068
Model: SS68
Date: 1984
Price: $16.95
Rarity: uncommon

Machine language program, multiple vocabularies, flexible memory requirements, very intelligible. Nine programs include 273 high quality digitized words in variable length cells. Words can be played back in any order under program control. Each library contains seventy to eighty words or phrases. Sound is heard through the TS 2068’s internal speaker and is available at the MIC jack. Requires no additional hardware or software to operate. Reproduces up to 65,536 words and phrases.

In 2022, Adam Trionfo loaded the programs into a TS 2068 and in Zesarux, digitized the output and preserved the program listings.

Timex Sinclair 2068 Software Speech Synthesizer by Tad Painter from 1984


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