Word Sinc II.5 & Wordfont

Platform(s): TS 1000
Date: 1985
Price: $30

Powerful, easy to learn and use text and graphics processing program. Features include text entry, full screen edit, text listing, searching, block move and delete and two string replacement commands. The print command allows you to preset both right and left margins and tab positions, enter the desired number of lines per page, and the number of characters allowed per line. Also included in the program is a screen dump routine that takes an exact image of the video screen and prints a hard copy of it with a suitable high resolution graphics printer.

The second half of the system is a program/data base called WORD FONT. This program is loaded and run before WORD SINC. WORD FONT allows you to store the bit images of alternate character sets in memory to be used during the print routine of WORD SINC. Included are fonts for a script font, two serif types, and two sans serif types. You may also create your own font. All fonts can be printed normal, double width, inverse, or even double-width inverse.

Word Sinc II.5 was rewritten by Peter McMullin in cooperation with Powell Hargrave.

24 page manual.

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