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Evaluates ANOVA where a single subject is exposed to one level for each factor. Up to 5 levels of treatment per factor; up to 5 subjects per cell. 7 F-statistics are tested by an error term.
TS 1000
Up to 25 random division problems. Maximum 4 digit divident; 3 digit divisor. Modification for changing skill.
TS 1000
Calculates total nitrogen (dry basis) in MG/100G and percent protein (dry or wet basis) for up to 50 items.
TS 1000
Helps with computation of moisture content of food and agricultural materials. Accepts raw data from which a table of moisture contents is printed.
TS 1000
Computes correlation matrix, its inverse, regression coefficients, ANOVA, multiple R and coefficient of determination for up to 15 independent variables and 30 observations.
TS 1000
Regression, ANOVA, Complete Block, Randomized Block, and Latin Squares.
TS 1000




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