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This little gem is an ideal small education book, although priced a bit too high in this reviewers opinion.article, orig pub: 10.27.20, updated: 04.18.24
Bob Orrfelt’s book on the TS-1000 brings back an occasion when I submitted a somewhat hastily put together paper in a college English course, and got it back with a fairly good grade, but with a notation from the professor, ‘‘This is so good I wish it were better.’ He explained that this was hisarticle, orig pub: 04.18.24, updated: 04.18.24
The TS 2068 computer will feature high resolution color graphics, a 4-channel programmable sound generator, full plastic keytop keyboards, typewriter format keyboard with full width space bar and dual caps shift keys. The 48K version will have a suggested retail price of $199.95. The TS 2068 has a range of eight colors, and allows separatearticle, orig pub: 03.30.24, updated: 03.31.24
We have been to Boston to the Boston Computer Society Timex-Sinclair Celebration and were thoroughly introduced to the upcoming wonders of this machine. It is a very fine color computer with wonderfully fine color – much better than most of the competition: it will be able to send signal to a color monitor, color TVarticle, orig pub: 03.30.24, updated: 03.30.24
Display the contents of the stack without altering it.article, orig pub: 03.24.24, updated: 03.24.24

Recently added or updated Books

Fully explained game programs written expressly for the TS1000. Games of chance and skill written in Basic. Hours of family entertainment as well as informative introduction to programming.book, orig pub: 04.05.20, updated: 04.18.24
book, orig pub: 04.05.20, updated: 04.18.24
Programmer and hardware reference manual for the Timex/Sinclair 2068 computer, published in May 1984 by Timex. The initial run (several hundred copies) were photocopied; a full run of professionally printed and bound paperbacks followed.book, orig pub: 12.29.23, updated: 03.13.24
For the 2068 and 2050 modem. Explains how to upload and download, macro-keys, translation tables, auto log-ons, settings, and much more.book, orig pub: 08.05.20, updated: 02.10.24
Tutorial on “how to get started”, necessary equipment and software, Timex Sinclair BBS phone numbers and info about each one. Includes the QL. Table of Contentsbook, orig pub: 09.08.20, updated: 02.09.24

Recently added or updated Companies

company, orig pub: 06.19.19, updated: 04.26.24
Sold and supported the QL.company, orig pub: 11.01.20, updated: 03.23.24
A&J Micro Drive was a spin-off of Exatron, the company that manufactured and marketed the Exatron Stringy Floppy (ESF). The Exatron Stringy Floppy was a continuous loop tape cartridge (“wafer”) that had some advantages over traditional cassette tapes. Exatron also manufactured the tape drive mechanism and sold it via mail order to home computer owners.company, orig pub: 06.19.19, updated: 03.20.24
company, orig pub: 09.23.20, updated: 02.18.24
company, orig pub: 06.19.19, updated: 01.14.24

Recently added or updated Computer Media

computer_media, orig pub: 02.20.24, updated: 02.20.24
computer_media, orig pub: 02.20.24, updated: 02.20.24
computer_media, orig pub: 02.20.24, updated: 02.20.24
Terminal software for the ZX81/TS1000 for use with the Byte-Back MD2 modem.computer_media, orig pub: 02.20.24, updated: 02.20.24
computer_media, orig pub: 02.13.24, updated: 02.13.24

Recently added or updated Documents

document, orig pub: 11.05.22, updated: 03.30.24
document, orig pub: 01.11.21, updated: 03.30.24
document, orig pub: 11.06.22, updated: 03.30.24
Photocopy of the original, missing page 1 and cover.document, orig pub: 07.17.21, updated: 03.30.24
document, orig pub: 01.12.21, updated: 03.30.24

Recently added or updated Events

Fourth annual event. Held at the Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio on August 28th and 29th. Tim Swenson hosted the first of several after-fest BBQs at his house in Dayton this year. Several of the attendees appear in the photos below.event, orig pub: 03.30.23, updated: 02.24.24
Organized by Tim Swenson, the West Coast Sinclair Show was held in Union City, CA, on 5 June 1999, one week after the East Coast Sinclair Show. Vendors The key visitor to the show was the renowned author Stan Kelly-Bootle, writer of many computer books, including the “Devil’s DP Dictionary”, and the holder of theevent, orig pub: 07.04.21, updated: 07.10.23
Two day fair in Canada.event, orig pub: 07.04.21, updated: 07.10.23
User Groups Vendorsevent, orig pub: 02.14.23, updated: 07.10.23
User Groups Vendorsevent, orig pub: 02.25.23, updated: 07.10.23

Recently added or updated Periodicals

Newsletter of the Central Pennsylvania ZX/TS Users Group.periodical, orig pub: 10.27.20, updated: 03.24.24
Newsletter for 1000/2068 and Jupiter ACE FORTH enthusiasts.periodical, orig pub: 07.17.21, updated: 03.24.24
Newsletter of the Triangle Computer Society (Raleigh, NC).periodical, orig pub: 12.18.19, updated: 03.24.24
periodical, orig pub: 05.27.23, updated: 02.12.24
This newsletter, published in French by Real Gagnon, covered the Timex/Sinclair computers.periodical, orig pub: 02.03.24, updated: 02.03.24

Recently added or updated Products

Word processor for the 2068. A Plus version supported full-size printers and a Plus 64 version added 64 column support. Sold by E. Arthur Brown as Textwriter 2068.product, orig pub: 11.30.19, updated: 05.01.24
The 2020 cassette recorder was one of several peripherals matched the 2068 in design. A variation was also sold by Radio Shack as the Minisette-9.product, orig pub: 11.30.19, updated: 04.18.24
The TS2068 version of the A&J Micro Drive has all the features of the original and includes a Centronics printer interface.product, orig pub: 11.30.19, updated: 03.23.24
8 independent relays with LED status indicators and 8 TTL inputs with Schmitt trigger buffers. Single POKE to change/latch each relay. Read all 8 inputs in a single PEEK. More than one BB-1 can be attached to the computer. The BB-1 was used for:product, orig pub: 11.30.19, updated: 03.22.24
ROMSWITCH is a device that permits you to run both TS2068 and most Sinclair ZX SPECTRUM programs on your TS2068. With ROMSWITCH installed, you can easily switch between your TS ROM and a SPECTRUM ROM supplied with ROMSWITCH. The device mounts permanently inside your computer. No soldering, drilling or running wires is required. Essentially, toproduct, orig pub: 11.30.19, updated: 03.22.24

Recently added or updated User Groups

This informal group has twice a month meetings online (via Zoom). Like in-person user group meetings, we have guests, talk about our projects and a wide array of computing topics. This group has its origins in the Yahoo TS 2068 Group, which migrated to groups.io when Yahoo Groups shut down. Join Our Email List Signusergroup, orig pub: 04.21.23, updated: 05.05.24
usergroup, orig pub: 02.01.20, updated: 01.25.24
President: Judy MuirVice President: Ralph Vaskousergroup, orig pub: 02.01.20, updated: 01.07.24
Director: Munson CockayneSecretary: Robert Cockayneusergroup, orig pub: 02.01.20, updated: 01.07.24
usergroup, orig pub: 02.01.20, updated: 01.07.24

Recently added or updated Videos

Will Collum, former Timex Computer Corporation programmer, joins us to discuss his work at Timex (he wrote the cartridge detection code in the TS 1500), Z80 coding, and his career before and after Timex.video, orig pub: 05.02.24, updated: 05.05.24
Our first Sunday meeting with folks from Europe.video, orig pub: 05.05.24, updated: 05.05.24
David gave an update on archiving tapes, documents, newsletters and more. Jeff Burrell showed the latest developments and demonstrated functions of his amazing video board.video, orig pub: 05.05.24, updated: 05.05.24
Jaroslav Švelch, PhD, is head of the Prague Game Production Studies group at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. He talked to us about his book, GAMING THE IRON CURTAIN: How Teenagers and Amateurs in Communist Czechoslovakia Claimed the Medium of Computer Games.video, orig pub: 05.05.24, updated: 05.05.24
Keith Watson's use of a Timex/Sinclair 2068 to produce compressor performance charts.video, orig pub: 05.05.24, updated: 05.05.24
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