Arrow Software

Owner(s): James Edwards


Turns your computer into a mini-synthesizer. Play, record and playback up to 1,100 notes and pauses. Adjust tempo, volume and duration of notes.
TS 2068
Change fonts, paper, ink colors. Draw circles and lines with a single command. Erase all or part of a design, paint over to change colors and more. Program was used to design video titles and for program loader screens.
TS 2068
Design your own sound effects or musical effects for your own programs. Menu-driven, uses 3 keys. Design a sound, print out necessary code, insert in to your own program.
TS 2068
Two games, loosely based on TV games. Spin-A-Word is similar to Wheel of Fortune. Word Prick selects a category and word or phrase, drops letters into slots. Press a key when ready to guess.
TS 2068



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