Bob Woish

1700 Butler Pike, Conshohocken, PA 19428
Owner(s): Bob Woish


Includes: Compu-Pen, Galaxy, Sink the Sub, Mine Field, Hi-or-Lo, and Day. 2K.
TS 1000
An “Etch-a-Picture” type program in which you have a choice of characters (Compu-Pen I) or high resolution drawing (Compu-Pen II). Beautiful displays, designs, messages, etc. 2K.
TS 1000
Enter the date and your computer outputs the day of the week it fell on (or will fall on). 2K.
TS 1000
As you zoom through space, a number of galaxies are encountered. You must accurately report the number of stars in each before it disappears in order to succeed. 2K.
TS 1000
Classic “guess-my-number” game. 1K.
ZX81 TS 1000
Locate and disarm the mine before it goes off. 2K.
TS 1000
Use any black and white film at any ASA rating. Enter manufacturer’s ASA number and the ASA used for exposure, and the computer outputs development information. 16K.
TS 1000
The enemy sub is cruising in one of 10,000 possible locations in the ZX Sea. Your mission is to follow directional clues, track down the sub, and blow it out of the ocean. Compete against yourself or others for best score. 2K.
TS 1000
Asks for desired objective diameter and f/ratio, inputs physical dimensions and optical data for a Newtonian reflector optical assembly. Saves hours of calculation. 2K.
TS 1000
Write, delete, insert, replace. Full print position control. Output to printer; 32 column: any number of lines per page.
TS 1000


  • Blippo Sound Effects Generator
    The Blippo sound effects generator is a low-cost add-on module for the ZX81 or TS1000. It connects through the computerโ€™s rear expansion port, and as all sensible peripherals, provides another expansion port at its rear.
  • Charge Account Bargraph
    Monthly charge account monitor/bar graph designed to provide incentive to reduce balances and watch graph lines grow shorter.
  • Charge Account Bargraph
  • Guest EDITorial: From the "Save A Doorstop" Department
    Appeal to donate old computers instead of using them for doorstops.
  • Quick-Balance
    Quick-Balance prompts for all the information it needs from the user. About all you need to know is that to exit the outstanding checks or unposted deposits reoutines, you need only to enter ‘0’.
  • Resources (Sync v4 n2)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • Software Review: British TS1000/ZX81 Software
    Reviews of Rocketman, Forty Niner and ZXtricator.


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