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1415 South Baxter, Tyler, TX 75701
Owner(s): Charles Stelding


Written in BASIC, the text of a column is stored in REM statements at the beginning of the program. Allows for headlines and some formatting.
Downloadable TS 2068


  • 2068 Machine Code in a DATA Statement
    Program allows you to place machine code located anywhere in memory into a DATA statement in line 1 of your BASIC program.
  • 2068 Word Wrap Utility
    When printing a text to the screen by using the PRINT statement, words at the end of the screen often will be cut off in the middle and continued on the next line. This makes the text difficult to read. This utility will put the entire word at the beginning of the next line so
  • For Your Sinclair
    Desktop publishing software from Lemke Software Development and Charles Stelding. Z88, Spectrum +3 announcement. Notes about Second Annual Midwest Timex Sinclair Computer Fest. PC8300, products from John Mathewson, Specterm 64, Larken disk interface, Sharp’s, more.
  • For Your Sinclair: New Releases
    External keyboard for TS2068, sound booster, RGB interface and cartridge adaptor from John Mathewson. Utility tape for TS1000/ZX81/TS1500 from LST Software. PC-DRAW from MDM Enterprises. Compuserve announces GIF format. Desktop publishing program from Charles Stelding. Hardware/software to print to Commodore 1520 plotter. Archive utilties for QL.
  • Put Those Extra Banks To Work
    Several recent developments in the Timex 2068 hardware have made our computers much more flexible and powerful. Extra memory banks available to us now give us room to do things never before possible. Such extra memory banks are available on the AERCO disk interface and RAM cartridges. Relocate ZEUS assembler to a different bank.

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