Gesang Associates

Randallstown, MD 21133
Owner(s): Jules Gesang


EPROM demonstrators intended for use in stores as selling tools. EPROM contains a BASIC demonstration program that starts on power up. It includes graphics and interactive examples of what the computer could do. A description of the kiosk retailers could purchase that used this demonstrator is in the Timex Price List 1983. The E. Arthur
Downloadable TS 1000
Word processor with extended features. 42 characters per line, upper and lower case plus punctuation and 20 special characters. Full screen editing, auto repeat on all keys. 8,000 characters with 16K RAM, expandable for larger RAM packs. Requires 16k and TS2040 or Alphacom 32 printer. 16-64K.
Downloadable TS 1000
Same as Word Sinc II.3 but produces 80 column printouts with standard parallel interface and 80 column printer. 8,000 characters with 16K, 48,000 with 64K.
TS 1000


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