Lloyd Dreger

2461 S. 79th St., West Allis, WI 53219
Owner(s): Lloyd Dreger

Lloyd was author of several books on the 2068 and at least one game.


A strategic, generic wargame for the 2068. As commander of an expeditionary force, your goal is to capture an unknown, inhabited planet.
TS 2068


Third book in Dreger’s series on TS 2068 machine language programming. Picks up where Introduction to 2068 Machine Code left off with the display file, how to create graphics and screens with machine code.
TS 2068
Over 200 pages of educational material, written to be used as a self-teaching course in beginning machine code. Many examples and tips.
TS 2068
A complete, annotated disassembly, with Spectrum cross-references.
TS 2068



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