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Allows user to design detailed printed circuit board artwork which can be printed and photographed to produce a negative for circuit etching. Circuit is drawn with joystick. Supports all popular printer interfaces and configured for Epson compatible printers.
Downloadable TS 2068


  • Circuit Board Designer
  • For Your Sinclair: New Releases
    External keyboard for TS2068, sound booster, RGB interface and cartridge adaptor from John Mathewson. Utility tape for TS1000/ZX81/TS1500 from LST Software. PC-DRAW from MDM Enterprises. Compuserve announces GIF format. Desktop publishing program from Charles Stelding. Hardware/software to print to Commodore 1520 plotter. Archive utilties for QL.
  • PC-Draw Review
    Review of program for drawing printed circuit boards.

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