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Demonstrate the capabilities of the TS1000 with games and business displays including machine language routines.
TS 1000
Game for two players; uses names and keeps score. 2K.
TS 1000
Store names, complete addresses and phone numbers. Number of entries is limited only by free RAM. Provides search facility, output to printer, 10 options. 16K.
TS 1000
Escape from the guardian robots. Shoot and move in eight directions. Two player. 16K.
TS 1000
Rescue people from the 100-story skyscraper fire. Multiple screens and difficulty levels. 16K.
TS 1000
Battle as many as 200 highly mobile Zylons with your powerful starship, the Sinclair. Full screen display (24 lines) with scrolling. 8 commands including 360 degree navigation, probe, and torpedoes. Display shows quadrant, status, and galactic map. 16K
TS 1000


  • Letters
    ROMs and RAMS, Memory Saving Tips, The SAVE Signal.
  • Letters
    Help Wanted; New Product Problems; Elimination; DEF and PAUSE
  • Making Change
    This game is an excellent educational tool for children and is based on a previously published Compute! article. The author also include conversion tips for T/S users who want to translate programs originally written for other computers.
  • Meteors
    How to use the display file; demonstrated in a video game.
  • Resources (Sync v3 n5)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • The Flight Simulator For The Timex/Sinclair
    Review of The Flight Simulator, available from Gladstone Electronics.


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