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Handles over 2000 entries in up to 255 separate accounts. Full Screen input, cursor control, and amendment, makes this program particularly easy to use. Facilities include automatic double entry, instant account balances, regular payment facility, and cash flow calculations. Individual accounts may be listed, updated or printed out.
TS 2000 TS 2068 ZX Spectrum
An essential tool for machine code writers, this program represents the state of the art in terms of full screen input, editing, and cursor control, plus 42 column display. Features include auto-line numbering, full expression evaluation, all Z80 mnemonics, text buffer, printer output, decimal or hex input, all the normal assembler directives.
TS 2000 TS 2068 ZX Spectrum
Lists and displays machine code instructions as they are written. Ideal for both the novice and the expert. With full 32 page tutorial. Hexadecimal converion as standard.
TS 2000 TS 2068



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