Thomson Software

Lombard, IL 60148
Owner(s): Paul Thomson


Reads Morse code through cassette port and scrolls translated message across screen. Translates code off the air through earphone jack. Generates code from a character string for recording or hearing through TV speaker. Enter message in English and out comes Morse code. 2K.
TS 1000
Stores notes into strings for each tune. Adjustable tempo; playback tunes in any order; keeps menu of tune names; enter notes from table provided. Comes with 5 preprogrammed tunes.
TS 1000
Pronounces hex numbers of memory from any address. Allows checking machine code or data without looking at screen; heard through TV speaker or tape port; resides at top of memory. Record voice or sounds into computer memory: record and play back at different speeds.
TS 1000


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