Computers & Electronics (v20 n12)

Date: December 1982
Volume: 20
Issue: 12


  • Software for Graphic Plotting
    Overview of plotting software options for microcomputers. The Graphic Kit and Programmers Toolkit (Softsync) are mentioned, along with the Memotech memory modules, as plotting tools for the ZX81 and TS 1000.
  • Software for Holiday Giving
    Recommendations for holiday giving for 1000 owners. Products mentioned include Krakit Treasure Hunt, Mazogs, The Artist from KSoft and numerous others.
  • Trying out the new Sinclair Spectrum computer
    Author describes a 16K Spectrum, as seen in a store. Notes that “an NTSC chip is being designed” and “Sinclair is designing a 3 inch disk – not the Hitachi, but a new approach.”


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