SyncWare News v5 n5

Date: May/June 1988
Volume: 5
Issue: 5


  • Coming Events
    Computerfest ’88 (Dayton, OH), Third Annual International/Great Northwest TS Mini-Fair (Portland, OR), Timex-Sinclair-Amstrad Computer Users 1988 Midwest Regional Conference (Cleveland, OH).
  • For Your Support
    Announcement of version 2.5 of ZX-TERM*80, version 3 of SRAM Hi-Res Extended BASIC from Silicon Mountain Computers.
  • A Word to Authors
    Advice on writing articles for the magazine.
  • Forum
    Random Access From Our Readers (short tips, suggestions and requests from readers) Silicon Mountain Computers to Close Doors Cedric Bastiaans, SWN Author, Dies Late News on Cleveland 1988 Mid West T/S Conference A Plug for SNUG Missing Person Report Truth or Consequences Further Info on that “Other” PC (IQ8300 is same as PC8300, Power 3000)
  • Off the Wall
    A list of amusing re-imagined definitions of computer terms.
  • Instant Sorting
    Explanation of Shell-Faulk sorting algorithm and implementation in BASIC and machine language.
  • Bug Alert
    Missing section of World Geography by Shawn Byrne, published in volume 5, number 4.
    Tips on adapting Fred Nachbaur’s universal printer driver to the two types (B and C) of the Tasman CPI (Centronics Parallel Interface). Bob Swoger recommends mineral oil for edge connector and other contacts.
  • 2068 Window
    Machine language screen utility to support replacing and restoring a section of the display with another, pre-defined section.
  • Looping in Machine Code
    Suggestions looping and operating on data in the loop.
  • A Challenge
    Request to improve included subroutine (“flowchart”). The subroutine plots the program above it (prior to line 9901) as a flowchart.
  • Bugs Strike Again
    Notes on fixing “ETAMITLU” by Jeff Moore.
  • Getting Started with Beta BASIC
    Introduction to Beta BASIC, an extension of Spectrum BASIC. Requires a Spectrum BASIC ROM or cartridge.
  • Addition: A "Training" Program
    Program to teach young children basic math. Draws a train engine as successive correct answers are provided.
  • Letter Scramble
    Short program presents scrambled words to user, user must unscramble them.


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