Update January 1990

Date: January 1990


  • Domino Cubes
    This monthly column is to help those who own the Z-88 and to entice those who don’t into buying it.
  • Trump Card User's Guide
    This series of articles will bring to light some of the very powerful features of the TRUMP CARD and TOOLKIT II via real usable examples. The articles may be assembled into a user guide at some future time, if enough interest is shown.
  • An Introduction to PC-Conqueror
    Review of the MS-DOS emulator for the QL.
  • MSDOS for the Sinclair QL
    MS-DOS emultors for the QL.
  • Releasing Printer Power from a QL
    Many with a QL do not know how to get the most out of their printers. This is particularly true of those using QUILL who would like fancier documents, but feel they are limited to the enhancements (highlights) provided in QUILL (High & Low Scipt, Bold and Underlined).
  • Flashback
    Review of the database program and a SuperBasic program to use with it.
  • Plotting Equations with Radicals
  • IEEE-488 for Sinclair Users
    It is not widely known that the COMMODORE serial port is a simple form of the IBEE-488 GPIB with serial data transfer in place of parallel. It holds no mysterious secrets. What is needed to do the same with a TS2068, SPECTRUM, or QL is a half way decent interface.
  • Sinclair Talks to PC/XT
    Routines to transfer files to/from a PC using a parallel printer interface.
  • The Sinclair Z88: Considerations for Peripheral Design
    Since the Z88 uses the Z-80 CPU, some of our better interfaces for the TS-2068 offer the prospects for easy adaptation to the Z88 by BUSS connector changes and re-work of chip addressing. Generally, the engineering has been accomplished for the Z-80 CPU and its 8 bit capability. One seemingly fruitful area is the disk
  • Slave CPU Processing: Applicable to ANY Host Computer
    Discusses how to apply techniques described in “Interfacing to S-100/IEEE 696 Microcomputers” by Sol Libes and Mark Garatz to the Timex Sinclair 1000 and 2068.
  • Speed Comparison Between 2068 Pascal and Compiled BASIC (TIMEMACHINE)
    Recently I have been working on using my 2068 to control a 3 axis drilling/routing machine using stepper motors. To make the machine move in arcs and circles I needed to use the sine and cosine functions in the 2068 ROM. After trying some BASIC and machine language routines I found that the machine couldn’t
  • Wire Frame Sprites with Magnification
    Using pattern tables to draw wireframe type characters is used a lot with the Apple II computers since they don’t have sprites. This program uses letters stored in a string variable to draw graphics characters with a magnification parameter.
  • Cable Column
    I was pleased to see that in the October & November issues of QL World they gave considerable space to ARCHIVE, the PSION database program we all have. Those of you who have followed this column know that I have high regard for ARCHIVE and have tried to promote it use by more US QL
  • Two Magazines Depart With Class
    Quantum_Levels and SyncWare News cease publication with the vol 2 num 6 of Quantum_Levels. List of back issues (incl articles) included.
  • TS-2068 Activities
    There are now three predominent disk systems for the TS-2068. Their order of usage is: LKDOS, Oliger SAFE DOS, TOS, and Aerco FD-68. TOS DISK users hang in there with determination but receive little support. User activities during 1989 has been away from the Aerco FD-68, mostly toward LKDOS. Quite a number of FD-68 users
  • Sinclair Timex Publishing Picture
    Last year I offered “Update magazine on a platter” to SNUG, I am publicly renewing this offer to SNUG for them to take over publishing Update as the SNUG publication with the October 1990 issue.
  • Ruminations from the QL Editor


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