2068 User Cartridge Board

2068 User Cartridge Board
Platform(s): TS 2068
Date: 1985
Rarity: uncommon

Plugs into the cartridge port of the TS 2068 computer. Can hold two 2764 or two 27128 EPROMs in any combination. It allows TS 2068 owners, when used with the TS 2068 or TS 1000 programmers, to store BASIC programs in cartridge form. Includes assembly instructions, schematic and instructions for its use with BASIC programs.

The 74LS138 chip allow you to select where to map the content of the EPROMs. The starting positions are: 0, 8192, 16384, 24576, 32768, 40870, 49152, 57354.

The cartridge shown fitted with EPROMs is configured to put the first 27C64 EPROM at memory location 32768 and the second 27C64 EPROM at 40870.

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