Platform(s): TS 1000
Date: 1983
Rarity: uncommon

Pluri-Forth is both an operating system and a programming language, replacing the Sinclair ROM entirely. FORTH programs were compiled and ran about 10 times faster than interpreter BASIC. Pluri-Forth offered multitasking, a feature not available in Basic.

When used with the Sinclair ROM, the channel 2/3 switch is wired to the Pluri-Forth board to select between Forth and Basic.

Pluri-Forth was supplied as a 2764 8K EPROM chip/carrier board with a socket for the Sinclair (or another 8K EPROM). The 104 page manual served as an introduction for FORTH. Tree Systems manufactured and sold it, initially as Multi-Forth. Soft Magic Corp also sold it as Tree-Forth.


Robert Trelease reviewed version 2.3, based on his screen capture. A photo of the ROM installed in another system is marked v3.0.

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