Platform(s): TS 2068
Date: 1986
Rarity: rare

Bulletin board software, written by Randy and Lucy Gordon.

The original Tinyboard BBS software program provided the ability of an unexpanded TS 2068 to serve as a host system. The program provided the “bare bones” essentials (no frills approach) to operate as a remote message base. The selections from the menu included reading, scanning, writing messages, chat with the sysop and user log. The public domain version of the program (which was available in the Compuserve Timex Data Library) was written entirely in BASIC. As a result, the program’s execution speed was slow.

Since the release of the original version, several individuals made may modifications and improvements, resulting in fine tuning of the program.

Among those who worked on upgrading Tinyboard were Paul Holmgren and Willie Jones, of the Indiana Sinclair Timex User Group. They developed their own version that included line printing of the caller log and real-time clock.

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