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The Timex factory in Portugal continued development of the Timex computers after Timex Computer Corporation exited the United States market in February 1984. They developed two floppy disk systems, the FDD 3 and FDD-3000, the Timex Computer 2068, the Timex Computer 2048 and other products.

Museum LOAD ZX Spectrum

This collaboration between the Municipality of Cantanhede and the Associação Geração SPECTRUM (SPECTRUM Generation Association) explores João Diogo Ramos’s collection, one of the biggest international collectors. It documents the Timex computers and especially the Timex Portugal factory.

The Untold History of TIMEX Computers (Sinclair ZX clones)


Four piece disk drive system designed for the TC 2068. Base system included disk controller, disk drive, system connector and twister board to convert the TS 2068 to the Spectrum bus. The system uses 3″ single-sided floppy disk drives. Each side holds 160K; the disk must be flipped to read/write the other side. The controller
TS 2068 TC 2068 ZX Spectrum
Power supply, FDD controller and with two disk drives in a black metal case. Same intelligent controller as original FDD 3 but with expanded internal RAM of 64K. Each drive stores 160K per side. Zebra version included CP/M 2.2 and 64 column terminal emulator program for the TS 2068. A recreation of the CP/M is
TS 2068
Packaged in a RAM enclosure. Would have required a twister and Spectrum ROM.
TC 2068
Portuguese version of the TS 2068. Rear port has Spectrum edge connector.
TC 2068


  • 32K RAM
    32K RAM in the cartridge port for Timex Portugal Disk Drives.
  • An Update on Using the Portuguese Disk Drive
    Experience with the system continues to be very positive. The only recurring problem has been a cable that sometimes does not make connection.
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Pieces
  • Bits and Pieces
    News about Sinclair Research Ltd., two Timex-based BBSes join FidoNet, SOFTAID fundraising cassette, update on Timex Portugal. Shorter updates on MSCRIPT, RMG Enterprises, an RS-232 interface from Edward Loxterkamp, speech software from Tad Painter, software from Frank Lockhart, Jim Clatfelter and Peter McMullin.
  • Bits and Pieces
    Maxwell deal to buy-out Sinclair falls through. Update on Portugal 2068 and disk drive. Further details on AERCO FD-68. BBS guide. Newsletter for Memotext/Memocalc users. Vendors cut prices.
  • Editorial: Quantum Levels Premiers; Timex & Other Rumors; Amstrad Invasion
    August/September issue of Quantum_Levels available; Timex Portugal announced plans to bring the home computer battle back to North American shores; Sears, Roebuck will be offering Amstrad’s new word processor.
  • Enter
    New Subscribers; The Portuguese 2068: Hopeful Hybrid or Mutant Misfit; Impending Cancellation of SYNTAX.
  • Forum
    Timex Portugal moving ahead with Timex 2068; bug in TS1500 ROM LOAD routine; errors in John Oliger’s article in 2/4; Pro/File 2068 books shipped; questions about A&J Microdrive; Spectrum ROMs; corrections to “Clear That Screen”, articles in vol 1; sources for replacement chips.
  • From the President
    Notes about the state of the Timex community, including Timex of Portugal’s TC 2068 computer.
  • Latest News from SUM
    Portugal is going to start shipping a version of the 2068 called the Silver Avenger.
  • Mystery clouds Amstrad deal
    The credibility of Amstrad’s deal with Sinclair has been further eroded with news that, far from having “worldwide rights to the Spectrum” as claimed by Amstrad in its announcement to the Stock Exchange on April 7, Portugal and the eastern bloc countries are excluded from the deal. Rights to the Spectrum in these areas are
  • News and Views
  • Our Computers in Portugal
    Report on Timex and Sinclair computers available in Portugal. Notes that a number of products, including disk drive system, are produced by Timex Portugal.
  • Portugal Calling
    Potential for importing TC 2068 and disk drives.
  • Portugal TC 2068 Review
    Briefly notes compatibility with ZX Spectrum in comparison to Timex’s 2068.
  • Portuguese Timex T-2068 Computer & Timex Disk Drive System: A Hands-On Evaluation
    Timex is still in the home computer market—in Europe! When Timex bowed out here in early 1984, their computer manufacturing facilities in Portugal continued their work, primarily, so everyone believed, manufacturing for Sinclair in England. Apparently, this was only partly true. Their research and development department was still at work, perfecting the products only hinted
  • Potpourri
  • Random Bits
  • SincBits
    Advice about returning 2068s for repair, color monitors, Timex Portugal deal to supply Polish government with 800,000 TC2068s and 300,000 FDD 3000 systems. Discusses utilities for the Spectrum. Ray Kingsley working with John Oliger on a DOS. Remarkable hardware and software available from Fred Nachbaur.
  • Special Report: 2068 Is Returning to US
    Reports on Bob Dyl’s efforts to bring the Portuguese 2068 to the United States. When Bob Dyl of the English Micro Connection contacted Timex of Portugal to see if he could obtain supplies of their new floppy disk system and 2068 “silver avenger” computer (as so nick-named by the British computer press), both of which
  • Sunstate Timex Sinclair Winterfest '88
    A lighter attendance than expected and heavy rain didn’t dampen the spirits of those T/S users who gathered in Orlando, Florida on March 5 and 6 for the Sunstate T/S Winterfest. A good time was enjoyed by all those who could make it. The area is one of the nation’s most popular tourist spots, with
  • T/S Resources
  • T/S Resources
  • T/S Resources
  • The Editor's Musings
  • The Hungry Orphans
    There are two TS-2068 Disk Drive Systems that are still in use despite the fact the their manufacturers have discontinued support of the systems. These are The RAMEX MILLENIA and the TIMEX of PORTUGUAL Disk drive systems. UP-DATE will publish every bit of information about these “orphan” disk drive systems that we can lay our
  • The Portuguese Connection
    Tips on using the Zebra disk drive system.
  • The Portuguese Connection
    Converting VU-3D, VU-CALC, VI-FILE and Timex Chess to the Zebra disk system.
  • Timex disc drives arrive
    The latest in the growing number of disc systems for the Spectrum has been launched recently by Timex (Portugal) Ltd. It offers the use of up to four drives, each of which can access up to 140K; only uses two bytes of Spectrum memory — unused ones in the system variables; has a very versatile
  • Timex FDD 3000
    Overview of the FDD 3000 disk drive for the Portuguese Timex and its variants.
  • Timex of Portugal
  • Timex Portugal Coming to American Market!
  • Timex Repairs
    Letter from Dan Elliott about repair services. Dan contacted Timex Portugal about sourcing replacement SCLDs.
  • Timex Tidbits
  • Welcoming the T-2068
  • Zebra Disk Drive System for the 2068
    Unless you have been out of the country for the past year, I am sure that you have heard about the Timex Portugal Disk Drive System that was made in Europe and might be sold here in the United States. For a time, it seemed that this system would not be sold here. But thanks



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