Timex Sinclair Online User Group Meeting June 5, 2023

Date: June 5, 2023

Ryan Gray joined us from the Amtrak train he was taking to California.

David gave an update on archiving tapes, documents, newsletters and more. Many of the tapes were submissions to SyncWare News programming contests. The archived tapes are available here:

Jeff Burrell showed the latest developments and demonstrated functions of his amazing video board. Jeff also talked about using z88dk to write software for the 2068. Tim Swenson jumped in to point out that he’s written software for the 1000 with z88dk, too.

Adam gave an update on a new video communication tool he and Ryan tested as a way of having meetings.

We had a little discussion about VCF in Texas. A couple folks from the community are going and, as a result, Ryan and Adam may go.

Larry Lorensen has been playing with Wilf Rigter’s WRX and trying our high resolution graphics on the 1000.

David showed how to find resources on the timexsinclair.com website, especially when you’re looking for someone by or about an individual. While there, he showed upgrades to the site to allow for filtering based on computer and tags.

Adam asked about the easiest way to track changes on the site, which is the what’s new/updated page. He suggested a potential group effort to type in programs from magazines.

John Mark Mobley happened to be out near Adam, Carl and Ryan. Unfortunately, they were not able to meet but John declared them to be fine people regardless.

Bob, who’s joined us before, talked about how he had a ZX81 as a kid and purchased a newer one eBay. He stumbled across Ingo’s blog and went down the rabbit hole of making his own keyboard.

During our discussion about using the TS1000, Joe showed a ZXpand he recently purchased.

We took a slight diversion into making cartridges for the TS2068.

David briefly touched on some tapes he’d been archiving from Quicksilva, adaptations of Spectrum software to run natively on the 2068. One in particular, Tomahawk, is now available:

Adam asked John Mark Mobley about some videos he’d posted of Bob Swoger demonstrating his software database and Logicall. The videos were recorded at a vintage computing meeting that John attends.

Adam asked Willie Jones about photos of his John Oliger disk systems that he’d uploaded to the groups.io list. Willie shared his experiences using the Oliger disk drive system for the TS 2068 and showed us one of his 2068 setups.

We got into a discussion of how to pronounce John Oliger’s name. Since we could not arrive on a consensus, the only reasonable way to resolve it was to have John on.

And David shared that he’ll be putting excess “stuff” (books, magazines, software, hardware) on andertone.com. You can sign on up on andertone.com to be on the email list.

Returning to the subject of disk drives, Leroy Keith Watson talked a bit about the AERCO system. He rewrote the AERCO system to work with OS-64 and Spectrum ROMs.

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