Ahl Computing, Inc.

39 E. Hanover Ave., Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Owned by David Ahl. Published Sync and Creative Computing magazines.


A collection of over 80 of the most valuable articles, programs, tutorials, and reviews that appeared in Volume 1 (1981) of SYNC Magazine. A vital resource for users of the TS1000, ZX81, ZX80 with 8K ROM, ZX80, and MicroAce computers. Topics include: games, math applications, graphics techniques, programming tips and tutorials, translation from other Basics,
ZX80 MicroAce TS 1000


Creative Computing was one of the earliest magazines covering the microcomputer revolution. Published from October 1974 until December 1985, Creative Computing covered the full spectrum of educational, hobbyist, home and personal computing. It regularly included BASIC source code for utility programs and games.
The major, full-color American magazine supporting Timex/Sinclair computers.


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