Bottle Cap Software

1284 Brushwood Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45224
Owner(s): Michael Felerski


Make professional cassette index cards for cassette storage boxes on almost any paper stock. Requires OS-64.
TS 2068
Program to track checks, deposits and withdrawals. Allows balancing against bank statement. Requires OS 64.
TS 2068
Menu-driven graphing program. Features three times as many input values as Quadra-Chart, three dimensional bar graphing, plot data points with connect points option. Copies to TS2040, full-size printer with appropriate interface. Save SCREEN$ and/or DATA().
TS 2068
Helps sort credit card bills to determine how much to pay on each bill to maximize interest savings. Requires OS 64.
TS 2068


  • Just Released
    Comprehensive public domain software library maintained by VISTA (Vashon Island Sinclair Timex) is available. Software available to perform color screen dumps to the Okimate 20, when connected via parallel interface. New business software from Bottle Cap Software, Byte Power. Zunk Custom Electronics is offering CADZ and games from Magicksoft. For QL users, EMSoft and Meta
  • Supplier File
    Updates on contact information for software, hardware and documentation.



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